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Transition from Yahoo FAQ's

Welcome to the ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Support Group Guidelines

This is the new email support group format for ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc.  The Main ThyCa group  is a general support and discussion group; instead of many separate groups, "subgroups" have been set up for addressing questions related to Papillary/Follicular, Anaplastic, Medullary, Pediatric, RAI Resistant, and Young Adult thyroid cancer.  You can join the related subgroups here. 

Membership and navigation are very similar to the previous Yahoo email groups. If you have any difficulty posting or finding your way around the site, you may contact Help:

All group members are asked to follow general internet courtesy guidelines. 

This is a peer to peer support group and members can not offer medical advice. However, members can share their experiences including suggestions, tips, and stories of what worked or did not work for us. 

Please be kind.


Initial posts by all new users will be moderated; later posts are subject to review. 

Do not initiate unsolicited private messages to other group members. You may suggest another member contact you privately and you may respond privately to another's request. Anyone reported for sending unsolicited private messages will be banned.

Advertising of products or services is not permitted.  If you're not sure if something is not allowed, check with the moderators

Anyone may contact the group owners/moderators: messages will be reviewed by the group owners/moderators. 

Group Owner: 





This e-mail support group is one of many free services offered by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, Inc. 

The information contained here is not intended, nor should it be interpreted, as medical advice or directions of any kind. Any person viewing this information is strongly advised to consult their own medical doctor(s) for all matters involving their health and medical care.


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