Medullary Thyroid Cancer

This group provides support for anyone dealing with Medullary Thyroid Cancer.

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association Inc. is an international nonprofit organization of thyroid cancer survivors, family members and health care professionals, founded in 1995 and advised by thyroid cancer specialists.  ThyCa provides support through outreach and education and provides research grants to improve treatment and hoping for a cure.
General questions that apply to all types of thyroid cancer should be discussed on the main ThyCa group, including questions about diagnosis, treatment and therapy. Group members provide support based on their own experience and can not offer medical advice.

For specific questions related to Papillary, Follicular, Anaplastic, Pediatric, RAI Resistant or Young Adult thyroid cancer, you can join one of the 
related subgroups. 

Posts from new members are moderated.  Please review the group Guidelines for more information.

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